Dog Walking

A Happy dog is a well exercised dog. You hear it all the time because it is true. Dogs love walks, play and to be outside.  With your busy lifestyles and long work days, TLK Pet Care staff can be there to become part of your dog’s exercise family.

TLK Pet Care provides daily walks for all size and breeds of dogs. We offer a schedule to meet your needs. Whether it be Mon-Fri or a few days a week, we have it covered.  Because your life is busy and can change, so can your dogs walk.  As long as we have the next week’s schedule by the Friday before,we are happy to accommodate.  We provide once a day walks midday only.

We only provide individual walks for the most one on one attention, or for multiple dogs within the same home.  Our staff will make sure your dog is having fun and is safe on their walk.

PLEASE NOTE We do not provide boarding or overnight care

  • No dog leaves their home without being securely leashed.
  • While out on the walk, your dog will be kept safe away from other dogs and children.
  • We will practice basic leash manners and commands for your dog.  If your dog is training, we will make sure to follow your instructions for commands they are learning at that time for consistency.
  • After every walk, our staff will leave a detailed note of the fun your dog had and the time of the day we walked them.
  • Your dogs stool will always be bagged and disposed of in the proper outdoor barrel.
  • On inclement weather, we will towel dry your dog before coming into back into the home.
  • Your dog’s water bowl will always be filled with fresh water and if a treat is allowed or it is a meal time, only their food will be given.
  • If your dog is being transported we will make sure they are always secure.

For small, young or unruly travelers, dogs will either be crated or seatbelt harnessed.

  • On their return to your home, your dog will be left exactly per your instructions every time.  Either crated, gated in a special room or free to roam the couches.

TLK offers 2 types of walks

  • 15-20 min walks.  For those dogs who needs a medium length walk and a chance to do their business, as we say in our business.
  • Also 30 minutes for a longer walk.  For those dogs who need a little more exercise.


For those dogs who are great at socializing and playing with other dogs,
this is a lot of fun.  Your dog will be picked up at their home (included in the fee) and brought to a large fenced in play area.  All dogs are screened before being accepted.

  • Your dog must be friendly with all dogs, neutered, up to date on all vaccinations, healthy and is well mannered in an automobile.
  • Playgroup is held in all kinds of weather except for lightening storms or extreme blizzard conditions.
  • There are always 2 or more TLK staff for proper supervision.
  • There is limited space so it is first come, first serve.

Cancellation policy for dog walks and playgroup
24 hours or more – no charge.
Less than 24 hours you are still responsible for the fee.

For fees for all these services see pricing page.

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