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Cheryl Wilson is the founder and owner of TLK Pet Care.


Established in 1989, Cheryl created a professional pet care and dog walking service based on trust, reliability and most importantly, focusing on the improvement to a pet’s health. Whether it is through personalized pet care, exercise or education, improving a pet’s life is Cheryl’s passion with over 30 years of experience in the animal health care field.

Cheryl earned a BS degree in pre-vet studies at Suffolk University in 1983

Then Cheryl had the fortunate experience working and training under Dr. Thomas Cusick at the Watertown Animal Hospital.  Cheryl gained 13 years of animal medical experience as a Veterinary Technician and then manager of the hospital. With other covering Veterinarians at WAH, Cheryl gained a wealth of education in animal medicine, animal behavior and the education of running a successful business with integrity.

Also added to Cheryl’s resume, was the certification of the instructor level for Pet First Aid/CPR by the Massachusetts Red Cross.

Cheryl is a lifelong Watertown resident and is deeply interested in the pet related causes in the area.

TLK Pet Care supports the Cat Connection Rescue, MSPCA, Ellen Gifford Cat Shelter and the Watertown Dog Park Task Committee that helped get dog parks set up in Watertown for the first time.  Other organizations Cheryl personally likes to support are Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, and the World Wildlife Federation. Each year Pet Sitters International. conference picks a different animal shelter in need of support and TLK Pet Care is one of many professional pet care companies to donate to these worthy causes.  Thousands of dollars have been raised to help pets in need.  In 2017 animals in need from Hurricane relief was the main focus.

A strong advocate for adoption, Cheryl’s pets are her 3 cats Hope, Mugsy and Milo and her dog Ben.

“The most rewarding part of my profession is being able to detect and inform an owner of their pets potential health problems, by the symptoms that may get over looked. This may make all the difference for a pet’s health if taken to the Veterinarian in time and put on a treatment plan for the best possible outcome.  Cheryl strongly advocates for new dog owners to get involved with training and proper exercise for their dog.  Seeing that dog and their family have a happy relationship is a success story every time.”

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Meet TLK Pet Care’s other dedicated staff


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Professional Pet Care, Dog Walker and Playgroup
Trained and Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR

Mark lives in Woburn with his 5 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, JuJu.

Mark is a team member at TLK  since 2014 and has great  pet care knowledge and passion for rescue dogs. We have always had great feedback from the work he does at TLK. Mark has many medical needs skills for our pets that require extra care.   Mark has volunteered at Baypath Humane Society for 3 years and has been passionate about helping high energy dogs with exercise and training. This gives these dogs a second chance at being adopted into a loving home.
Mark is truly representing a professional who gives  the best care your pet can receive here at TLK.  





                               Professional Pet Care and dog walker

Gabby Joined the TLK team in 2020.  Gabby is from Arlington, has a cat on her own and has been around dogs all her life.  She has been a wonderful team member at TLK.    Gabby’s super power is she is also a professional photographer.   





Professional Pet Care and Dog Walker

Trained and Certified Pet First Aid/CPR

Trained and Certified Pet First AID/CPR Connie resides in Waltham and joined TLK Pet Care in 2011.The animals in Connie’s care know they have met a caring new friend. Connie has learned skills for medical needs pets and her calm and caring way gives those pets in her care a source of trust. Connie has been a reliable member of TLK Pet Care and we are lucky to have her on our team.


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