Pet Care

In Home Pet Care

Our standard Pet Care visits are from 7am to 7pm
7 days a week
For 1 to 3 times a day

Note: We do not provide boarding or overnight care.


Our standard home pet care visit always includes:

  • Meals for your pet – prepared exactly the way you instruct us and with your pet’s own food on clean dishes every meal
  • Fresh water in all bowls
  • Monitoring of your pet’s appetite, water intake, urine and stool output
  • Scooped and swept litter boxes areas.  Bagged litter disposed of in the proper receptacle per your instruction
  • Companion attention and playtime also  includes brushing if your pet enjoys it
    (don’t want to rub anyone’s fur the wrong way)
  • Bringing in mail, newspapers and packages
  • Water indoor plants and outdoor potted
  • Security measures -Turning on/alternating lights, open and close blinds/shades
    Securing your alarm system, checking all doors to your home are locked
  • Putting your trash/recycle to curb and returning them on the following visit
  • Monitoring your home temperature for excessive cold or heat for the safety of your pet
  • If requested, sending check in phone or email updates on your pet’s progress
    during your absence
  • Free health tips or consulting for your pet that we professionally recommend if we detect any possible future concerns.  Immediate contact to you or your emergency backup contact, for your pets health concerns that we think can’t wait til you return.


We also provide the following services for an additional fee (see pricing page)

  • Administering of all medications  – oral, topical, eye and ear meds, insulin injections  and Sub Q fluids
  • Pedicures
  • Transport to local Veterinarians for emergencies
  • If you run out of supplies when you are away.  We restock  pet food, litter supplies etc. at local pet stores
TLK Pet Care
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