Pet Health Tips

Holiday Hazards

The holidays can be a fun and joyous time but can also be one of the most hazardous times for your pet.

x-masHoliday xmas tree water can be toxic if your pet drinks from the base, so keep out of reach from your pet. Most trees were fed with fertilizers.

Chocolate is very toxic to your dog and cat, so keep goodies high and out of reach too. Artificial sweeteners too.

If you have cats you definetely want to skip the tinsel.  If ingested by cats can cause intestinal blockages.

Holiday candles can burn whiskers or pet noses so keep out of reach.

Extra wires for those holiday lights are a lot of fun to chew for a lot of animals so keep them well hidden.

Holidays bring guests and they often bring their own medicine supply. Make sure everyone keeps medicines in a cabinet or hidden in a drawer. Here is a list of the top human and meds that are toxic to pets.

d2 copy1) pain relievers (Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, Aleve etc)

2)Heart Medications

3)muscle relaxants (Flexeril etc)

4)sleep meds (Lunesta, Ambien Klonopin etc)

5)antidepressants (Zoloft, Effexor, Cymbalta etc)

6) children or adult ADD/ADHD meds (Ritalin etc)

Always keep a Pet Poison Helpline number on your fridge

800-213-6680 for further information

Skunk Spray Treatment

Unfortunately, most of us have experienced the unpleasant event of our dog or cat

getting sprayed by the neighborhood skunk.

Here is a tried and true remedy that works great and we should know,

we have tested it on our own dogs.  As a precaution always have these ingredients on hand.

The faster you can bath the dog and the areas they were sprayed the more effective it is.

Mix 1 quart Hydrogen Peroxide

¼ Baking Soda

2 Teaspoons Dawn dishwashing detergent

A large dog you should double or triple the  amount

Rinse your dog as quickly as possible with cool to lukewarm water.

Pour mixture on dog, lather, let soak for about 5-10 min, then rinse.

Pay special attention to the areas of your dog that has the strongest odor.

Repeat 1-2 times    Make sure to rinse well on the final soak.

Be careful not to get into your pet’s eyes.    If so, rinse really well immediately.

Bird Care Tips

Did you know that cooking on teflon pans can emit fumes that are toxic to pet birds in your house?

Be sure to use pans without teflon coatings to keep your little feathered friends safe.    Also be sure to keep them out of drafts and in warmer temperatures.

Tweety bird never would have made it to the big screen with Sylvester if his owner was frying up some bacon and eggs in that teflon pan.  Something to ponder.

Summer Heat and Pets

With summers sizzling temperatures  it is time

to think of ways to keep our pets cool and safe during the summer months.

Make sure your pet(s) always have cool, fresh water.

An ice cube or two added to their water in the morning will help keep their water cooler a little longer as the day goes on.

It also serves as a source of entertainment for some cats as it melts and floats in their water bowls. 🙂

If possible always make sure your home has an air conditioned area for your pet to retreat to when the summer heat makes the inside temperature of your home rise over days of relentless heat.

Fans to circulate the air are especially helpful.  Keep window shades down on the sunny side of the home to help keep the heat out.

Dogs and Cats can only cool down by panting or sweating thru the pads of their feet.

Make sure your dog is never left in the car during the summer.

Even in the shade the automobile will reach temperatures that can lead to heat stroke for your pet in a very short time.

These pets should be doused in cool, not cold water and taken to the nearest Veterinarian for emergency care.

Severe panting, disorientation and being unable to stand are just some of the signs.  Heat stroke can be fatal.

Dog walks and exercise should be shortened considerably during the middle of the day. There should always be shaded areas and water for outdoor fun. Try to take Fido for a walk either early in the morning or when the sun sets instead.

Short snouted dog breeds ( bull dogs, pugs etc) are at risk of heat stroke very easily in higher temperatures so take special care with them. Pouring cool water on your dog is fun for them and helps keep their body temperature cooler.   Never be ashamed to admit you are buying a kiddie pool for your dogs backyard.    Most dogs love to splash in the water.  I promise it will pay you back in endless smiles all summer long.

Remember if it feels to hot to you it is defintely too hot for the little ones with the fur coats.

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