TLK Pet Care Services fee list

Base Fee for home Pet Care visit includes 1 pet   30 min $27.00
Pet care for  2 cats (3rd cat is free) $30.00
Pet Care for 4 cats (fifth cat is free) $33.00
Pet Care for more than 5 cats fee to be determined by time and work
Pet Care for caged animals 1 cage $27.00
Pet Care for caged animals 2-3 cages $30.00
Pet Care for cage animals more than 3 cages/units   to be determined

*Surcharges may apply if in gated type communities

Dog Playgroup   80 min total time (includes pick up and drop off to home) Each additional dog $5.00,  that lives in the same home  Guest dog $10

Pedicures   with a home visit   $12 additional
Just a pedicure visit     $22 for 1 pet then $12 for each additional pet.

Medical needs

  • Oral, eye, ear &topical medications $5.00/pet in addition to the Home visit fee
  • Injections (Insulin) $7.00/pet in addition to  the Home visit fee
  • Sub Q fluid treatments $12.00/pet in addition to the Home visit fee
    fluid treatment only, no pet Care visit needed.   $27.00/pet  $12 each
    each additional pet.
  • wound management (hot spots, post surgical bandage changes, drain flushing) $10 with a pet care visit or $26 just for the treatment
Dog  walk   1 dog  15-20 min                                             Each Day $21.00  for 1-3 days/week
$19.00 for 4-5 days/wk
$5.00 for each additional dog
Dog walk 1 dog 30 min                                                     Each Day 24.00  for 1-3 days/ week
$22.00 for 4-5 days/week
$5.00 / each additional dog
Playgroup 1 dog   80 min            includes pick up and drop off by TLK                           Each Day 1-3 days $30.00 4-5 days $28.00    $5.00/each additional dog
TLK Pet Care
67 Poplar St
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone 617-923-9555